A glass that looks more deeply
A glass that brings light
A glass that opens

Specialized glassware in Cerignola

We are a family, a team, a united firm, connected by the desire to strengthen and develop our acquired knowledge in glass manufacturing.

Whenever we look at our reflection in the glass, we see an unbreakable bond between us, a story of a company that desires to grow professionally and improve day by day. Our glassware, born from Michele Ursi’s stubbornness, is constantly evolving, showing its versatility and efficiency.

The curved glass that conveys a new dimension in the world of glasswork.

What we do

Veur’s world is full of ideas, projects, and realizations that employ glass to spread beauty and innovation.

Let’s bring light to every corner! We always remain open to collaborations with design and architectural firms, engineering studios, carpentries and glassware, construction companies that share the style and the love for well-made things.

Work with us

All our projects arise from careful analysis, meticulous processing and operational management that transforms glass production into synergistic teamwork. Find out how glass can make a difference in any environment and let yourself be surprised by the light and architectural power of Curmy curved glass.

Do you have a project in mind and want to discuss it with us?

Contact us, and we can work out together a business plan that will go beyond all expectations!